Career prospects for a law graduate & a legal practitioner

Thinking of pursuing a career in the Law field, but can’t think beyond advocacy? Well, you get a chance to know all other fields and decide for yourself. Take look at other possible career prospects if you are a law graduate & a legal practitioner.

  • Legal advisor- after completing the degree in law a person can become work not only in the corporate world but can also work for organizations like NGOs, some individual firms, and private agencies.
  • Government jobs– a person can apply in the government sector for jobs in the legal departments of PSU’s as well as high court. They can also go for the SSC CGL exam for posts such as assistant in the Central secretariat and also for income tax officer
  • Teaching- If a person is interested in teaching then there is a vast scope for them and what could be better than sharing knowledge? They can go for teaching law in various universities, colleges by opting for LLM and taking teaching as a subject in that particular course
  • Judiciary level- If you desire to become a judge or a magistrate then you must go for the judiciary examinations to level up to that position.
  • Law firms: It is generally a joint organization between lawyers who have come together under one name to offer their expertise to the clients. It deals while working at a law firm that may or may not be restricted to a particular area of the law There are great benefits of working in a law firm as it can provide you with a very high salary; large, diverse client base; extensive firm resources; luxurious offices; global perspective; prestige and networking opportunities
  • Higher studies- if you wish to study further then there are various fields to choose from for the higher studies in the field of law such as cyber law, Labor law, human rights, Intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Political activism- With the kind knowledge of rules and regulations of our constitution, a lot of people choose to become a social activist or choose to enter political parties.

Pros and cons of becoming a lawyer

Some of the most common pros:

  • With high salaries or high earnings, they can also earn additional incomes by working in public sectors (public speakers), guest lecturers, etc.
  • Diverse opportunity in the law field- family, financial, criminal, corporate.
  • They can have a lot of prestige and power which can ultimately lead to respect in society

Some of the most common cons:

  • Excessive work under stress, demands of the client, and they also need to deal with any changes in the law
  • Long working hours in some cases
  • Due to the high number of lawyers in the market, there is great competition