CBSE Class 12 Board Exams: Good News

Important day for students, a big decision on CBSE 12th board exam!

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) always keeps its office equipped with the latest and modern technology so that students, parents, and schools do not have to worry about any kind of information.

Keeping this in mind, the Board has launched a software-based Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) last week. Under this, there will be a centralized call center. Its number will be -9311417564.

Now for any kind of information, a call will be obtained on this number.

On calling this number, the call will be transferred to the respective center. Not only this, if you want to talk to any regional center, then call the centralized number itself. From here the phone will be transferred to the regional office. This led to the phone number of different departments of CBSE and different regional offices. There the problem could not be resolved if the call was missed. This will not happen on this centralized number.

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Keep track of every call

The biggest feature of this new CBSE system will be that if your call goes into a missed call. That is, if for some reason you could not talk, then you will get a callback and what you want to know will be told. By the way, CBSE has given strict instructions to take care of every call. Not answering the call tarnishes the image of the board.

Call transfer will be done on these branches

Different branches of the board like Administration, Academic, Accounts, Affiliation, CTET, Examination, IT, Legal, Professional Exam, Public Relations Unit, Recruitment, Scholarship, Skill, Training, Regional Office, Center for Excellence and any other kind of information Call for the centralized call center number. The call will be transferred to the branch from which the related information is to be sought.

Call will be recorded

The call received on the virtual number 9311417564 will be recorded, which will be monitored by the administration. The purpose of this is whether the call that comes in is getting the correct answer or not. All department heads have been asked to hire 2-2 employees to attend the call in their department. Apart from this, the administration will also appoint a nodal officer for unit monitoring. This nodal officer will give the call report every day to the head of the department.