Cope up from exam stress

Exam stress does not only affect the students’ grades but can also affect their mental state. Do you feel the same? Do you feel stressed during your exams?

If yes then we have some tips and for you to cope up with this dress. It is very important to manage this thing because exams are a very crucial part of education. Being stressed about the exam is the part of student life but this can become a reason for their under-performance there’s a different type of people, some can easily get through this phase without even little bit of stress or anxiety. However, some students do not find it easy, the continuous pressure of examinations makes them anxious which could lead to some serious issues and results in poor grades.

Little stress can be good to get things done but when they get concerted to high pressure then they must follow some tips that can help them with examination stress.

1. Take a deep breath!

Your body is your responsibility, if you feel happy and strong on the outside then only you can be better on the inside. Learn to give some time to yourself, practice some mindfulness techniques if you feel stressed, take some time off from your time period to get some fresh air, breathe deeply for few minutes, this can really calm your mind. In this way you can get on a happy or less stressed track, you may get over the stress and bring your attention to important things.

2. Eat well!

For a student, it is very important to eat healthy to have a good and healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get enough amount of nutrients required by your body each day. It can help our body to gain energy so that it can deal with stress. Have you heard of stress eating? Yes, it happens during these times but you need to make sure you eat well, eating dark chocolates can help in reducing stress but make sure you eat within limits!

3. Take a break from social media!

Entertainment can wait, friends can wait but life has to happen, and the most important part of life is our education which means it’s good to away from distractions for a while. Shut down social media for a while, it can help you in saving a lot of time. Many students surf through their cell phones all the time, it has become a habit for then, they know there’s nothing new but still, they find it difficult to leave. So sparing some time from social media and utilizing it on studies for some time can really help students to reduce examination stress.

There are a few techniques you can follow:

  • Study in intervals, yes make sure you get breaks from time to time so that you won’t get saturated from long study hours, it can help you in staying active and being focused on the particular topic.
  • Make notes about everything you learn, make bullet points, or some short notes. Rewrite them from time to time, it can help in memorizing them.
  • Highlight important points or something that you are having a doubt om and make a goal to clear those doubts at a particular time, this can boost up your learning.
  • Follow “spaced practice” also called “distributive practice” this helps in giving enough time to your mind to make connections between ideas and build upon the knowledge that can be easily recalled later.