Coping up with the failure of CA exam

In today’s time, when there is a large competition amongst the most talented and intelligent aspirants to become Chartered Accountant (CA) losing or failing in the final exams becomes tough for aspirants to deal with it.

But believe me, it’s ok to feel bad about it, it’s ok if you failed it but what’s not ok is consuming yourself with negative thoughts and feeling worthless. It is ok to feel experience those feelings but just don’t lose hope to become a Chartered Accountant, because everyone knows becoming a Chartered Accountant is not an easy task, you just cannot accept to crack it in a single time. There are so many students who would have given at least 3-4 time chances to pass this exam and as per their experiences, they have different reasons for each time. Failure is a tough reality for us to deal with but it helps in making us stronger with this we gain experience and grow every time we try to give another chance to anything we could not accomplish at once.

This is not the end of the world, buckle up, learn from your failure and keep trying as much as you can.

How can we bounce back from this situation? Here are some tips which can help you to give yourself another chance:

Accept it and analyze it

  • We know it gets difficult to accept this situation because being a chartered accountant is an easy road and this is not something that you can crack with a one-month preparation. Students dedicate their entire year to study for this exam with a sleepless night, rigorous studying, expensive tuition fees, and a whole different level of dedication.
  • However, when the result day comes and they see that they couldn’t clear it, this feeling entirely breaks them and their confidence, they start feeling like “how could this happen?” “I have never failed in my entire life then how could I fail this” and they start getting worried about their future.
  • But at this moment what is important is to analyze “where I went wrong?” start with accepting the fact that yes, this happened to me but I need to give it another chance.
  • Keep the feelings aside for a moment and start to analyze where you went wrong. What are the weak points which need to be considered the next time so you don’t make this mistake again? This is called turning a failure into an opportunity for the future.

Avoid negative thoughts and negative people

  • Staying in a positive environment is very important for your mental health. We can let ourselves down but we may not let other people make us feel down. You will be left alone on this planet to face the criticism and public mockery from friends, relatives, parents, and other known people that come with each failure.
  • You will have to deal with it alone, pump up your internal faith and motivation which would be crumbling under pressure with a distant future looming in front of you.
  • Try to distance yourself from negative people and surround yourself with people who have faith in you and encourage you from time to time to stay motivated and be optimistic about your future.
  • Meet people who could not clear this exam for the first time but did not lose the hope to try again and again. Listen to them and their experience. Try to see online interviews of toppers and follow their success stories, this would really help you in giving yourself another chance.
  • And there will be a day when you will clear this exam in the future, which may take several times, but you will crack it and your parents will be very proud of you. Keep these things in your mind because this is just the start and you have a very long way to go.

Look for other career options

  • Being a chartered accountant is not the only thing in the world, you may have tried very hard to be one but if you could not succeed on this then do not lose hope because there are so many opportunities waiting for you.
  • Look for other things or other career options in your domain; take guidance from your teachers, tutors, or parents about what could be done next. Just do not stop the hustle until you get the best. 90% of the people fail. It is okay.
  • You have to think forward. Be tough. Make yourself stronger. Do not stop believing. It is going to be fine!

Plan the next preparation

  • There is a saying “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Proper systematic planning is required if you want to crack this level of examination. Make a proper time table for the entire day keep your needs in mind.
  • Give equal time to each and every subject you are going to have in your exam but make sure to give extra attention and effort to those topics which were the reason for your last failure. Dedicate some extra hours to such topics and learn from them.
  • Solve mock tests online and offline as much as you can. Mock Test Papers help you to understand the exam pattern whereas RTPs give you confidence that you have prepared thoroughly. Follow the instructions and study materials recommended by exam toppers this could really help you out.

Take good care of yourself and get enough sleep before the exam

  • We have seen this in many articles and interview those students who do not get enough sleep before their examination, tend to fail in the exam. This happens because their brains get stuck and they become anxious and nervous before the exam. So a proper sleep before the exam is very important.
  • Eat well and take care of your body by doing some exercises and meditation, this can help you in being calmly focused for your upcoming exams.
  • So before quitting, just remember one thing, “success delayed in not success denied”. Before quitting, just give your one best shot and you never know that might change your life.