Engineering Graduates and the Unemployment!

Every street probably has an engineering college coming up with random names. Some of them even open up an engineering college in a three-storeyed house and affiliate it to some random university. Unfortunately, there is a difference between engineers from standard colleges and these engineers who pursue engineering from any random XYZ college. There is still a huge demand for engineers; they are still bagging double-digit salary (excess of 10 lakh per annum) jobs even before completing their graduation but this only applies to standard colleges where is a standard entrance examination in place. Most engineering colleges in India don’t have proper filter criteria and any random student who was hardly able to pass their Class 12 is now pursuing engineering.

There is a dearth of jobs in the market, that’s for sure. This is not a situation where there will be jobs for every engineer but there are plenty of jobs for the skillful employees who are talented. If you have the talent, you will have the job. if you have just lazed your time during the four years of engineering, you cannot expect a job. You cannot expect a job after getting admitted to some random XYZ college having barely managed to pass your board exams with 60% marks and then ask for a job. It doesn’t work that way.

The main reason why so many engineers are unemployed is the presence of so many engineering colleges in the country. 90% of them are probably not fit enough to be called engineering colleges but students still ake admissions either to call themselves an engineer or to fulfill their parents’ wish of seeing their son as an engineer, sometimes because of peer pressure as well. They can manage to complete their four years of degree in 6–7 years but there won’t be any progression after that.

Then again, since these random colleges affiliate themselves with random universities, set up by people who are nothing but businessmen having zero knowledge in engineering or engineering curriculum, the colleges follow a sub-standard syllabus for the students. They are still learning technologies that are 20–30 years old, have hardly any application in today’s world, latest niche skills like Big Data, IoT, Data Science, and Machine Learning being Hebrew and Latin to them. Since they do not get a job out of college, the only decent job they manage to bag is to become a professor at their own college. Some proceed to pursue M.Tech but come back to the same place and the cycle continues for years and years. The situation is sad but that is, unfortunately, the harsh reality.