Experience and Learning at Edvizo – By Kritika Chauhan

I am a Management student who is likewise a keen writer. During my Second Semester’s end, we were all hit by the pandemic and I was sitting at home thinking about whether I could make it any beneficial. That is when I thought about utilizing my writing abilities to make the quarantine period more productive and began looking for different Work From Home Internships for the same. I became acquainted with this astounding Ed – Tech start-up “Edvizo” through a notable Internship site, Internshala. I was promptly enthused about taking up the opportunity to evaluate my abilities.

I was happy I took my chance in light of the fact that I was chosen for the Internship opportunity as a Content Writer and I took it right away. I needed to compose articles for Edvizo Students’ blog. Here, I had the favourable luck of getting in contact with Mr Sanjeev Jha ( Digital Marketer), who guided me all through my entry level position venture. He acquainted me with the organization’s blog. My work was to compose articles on different points that he had sent links for. I found out about new things like SEO, and how to compose attractive headlines for my articles. There is a site called Headline Analyzer that causes you check the SEO rating of your features. A score of 65+ implies that you have a great feature.

I was additionally prepared on the best way to utilize instruments for copyright infringement checking and building up a decent substance technique. My guide gave me feedbacks about my articles and told me where I could improve. At the point when I would stall out, I was assisted by the team, with the goal that I could get a more extensive thought regarding the current subject.

I want to express my gratitude towards Edvizo for allowing me the chance to fill in as a Content Writing Intern with them. I have gained a lot of knowledge about this industry in the course of two months and can certainly say that I wouldn’t have developed and learned as much as I have these previous months without their steady input and mentorship. Their recommendation and experience have been really priceless and accommodating all through these previous two months. By choosing me for this Internship position, they demonstrated trust in my capacities, and I genuinely value the chance.

Since they allowed me the chance to deal with different ventures, I got the opportunity to watch various parts of web content composing examination like SEO and the correct investigations. Their staff were amazingly inviting and supportive, and offered me some extraordinary work counsel. I’ve truly delighted in the experience I had with them, and can hardly wait to take the information I picked up with me to my next job. I’ll particularly miss the little fun occasions the entire group used to have together, as “Chai pe Charcha” and “Pehchaan kon”.

During my internship period, I additionally interacted with the administration group, who roused me to improve. I was coached and given numerous valuable tips to remember to improve my substance composing aptitudes. In spite of the fact that the correspondence between us was by means of video call, email and telephone, I never felt like I was far away. Each employee or intern here has a unique background and has had various experiences with life. This implies everybody utilizes personal encounters to contribute and enhance the group. Everybody, paying little mind to what their set of working responsibilities says, conceptualizes to overcome any bottleneck that emerges.

This internship has gotten to a greater extent a consistent learning measure for me. It has shown me the art and significance of building a system of learned individuals. I could never have associated with endless individuals at such esteemed positions so from the get-go throughout everyday life, had it not been for this internship. Aside from this, everyday carries with itself another issue articulation which shows us another exercise before the day’s over. You need to plunge profound into it and mindfully make sense of what arrangement may work and what may not. I am a novice in the field of content writing so I need to welcome all the feedbacks that comes my way into my every day work tasks.

As I wrap up my Internship, I need to thank everybody present at Edvizo for being a magnificent team these previous two months.

I am truly appreciative to Ravi Nishant (CEO and Founder) for giving me the chance. I likewise want to express gratitude toward Ullas M S and Swati Siddhartha for their consistent help during this internship.