GATE vs JEE- What to choose?

Undoubtedly, IIT JEE and GATE are two very different exams, yet have some common grounds. On the face, JEE is one of the favorite undergraduate exams, whereas GATE is the most chose graduate exam.

How about we do a face-off of these exams?

In our series at Here at Edvizo, we have stepped up to compare two exams that will hunt down your dilemma and tinkering. In this article, we will compare the two most popular exams- GATE versus JEE.

Let’s see who gets pinned down in the bout.

Hitting straight to the comparison.

#1. GATE vs JEE- Who am I?

IIT JEE syllabus is based on the syllabus of classes 11 and 12. It is usually easy for the students who study science to crack JEE. Tossing to another side, GATE does not have a streamlined syllabus. Generally, it has way more in syllabus than the usual college courses.

#2. GATE vs JEE- Who is flexible?

Another point of difference, JEE is based on the same syllabus, while in GATE, candidates can freely choose between several subjects/papers.
JEE is a pet exam for almost all the students in the non-medical or science branch. However, candidates who are inclined towards research or getting high-level jobs in PSUs have an eye for GATE.

#3. GATE vs JEE- Who is easy?

On a cursory glance, the competition for JEE is higher than GATE. But less competition for GATE exams does not make it less hustling or easier. It is so because, if a candidate fails to secure a rank with the top 1000, then the dream of being selected in PSUs or IITs will not come true.
GATE commands more revisions and a strict study schedule, whereas JEE is more of a logic-based test.

#4. GATE vs JEE- What is important?

We would say both! While taking admission through JEE only the rank is considered. However, through GATE, no rank but a GATE score is the choosing criteria, which tends to be quite tricky. Furthermore, different IITs and other institutes might have their own exam and personal interview rounds besides the scorecard/rank. It is crucial to clear all these rounds to secure a seat.