Have a clear goal, or you will miss your train!

If you make a goal in life and work hard to achieve it, you will surely succeed!

On a railway platform, three friends were waiting for the train, which was running quite late. The three thought about walking around the market to cut time, which was outside the railway station. When the three platforms reached the market after wandering, they found that the train they were standing for was leaving from the platform. Now all three started pushing to catch the train with full force.

The first friend ran very fast, reached the train’s first compartment, and climbed into it. The second friend ran a short way but somehow got the last compartment of the train. The third friend was able to run at a slower speed and could not climb on the train. The friend who had boarded the first compartment went to the back compartment and started looking at his friends. Simultaneously, the friend in the last compartment begun searching for his friend in the front compartment. Both met in the middle compartment. “Hey, you…” the first said, surprised after seeing the other. ‘Hey,’ the other one also asked with surprise at first. But where is our third friend?” both exclaimed.

Realizing he missed his train, both of them sat down, holding their heads in despair. Surprised by the passengers sitting around watching him, they were asked what the matter is? Both of them said, “The one for whom we came to drop was left on the platform.”

It might sound funny to you now, but this often happens with us. We have to go somewhere, and we reach somewhere else. Had the friends been clear about their goals and strayed to the market, they wouldn’t have missed their trains. While preparing for your IIT JEE, NEET, or any other competitive exams, you will come across many distractions, and you might stray away from your goal. Unfortunately, you will also miss your train then.

We should keep a clear goal so that there is no confusion later. When you get confused, none of your work is right, and you keep cursing yourself. It would be best if you made clear your goal before starting any work and pledge to start your work only after complete planning; otherwise, you may face problems later.


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