How Good are the Online Exams?

The day of starting the education system and even to date, an examination is the only medium that substantiates the knowledge level of a learner. The present world is packed into the digital epoch, it becomes important to evaluate the mode of exams i.e. the traditional offline mode is better or the budding online mode should be welcomed?

Many of the competitive exams are mostly computer-based tests these days, so it much evident that our country, for a long time has achieved technical stability.

Thereby a universal impasse exists about taking an offline mode test or an online mode test. To assist in making the choices, listed below is a contrary list between an offline mode and an online mode.

Online Exams: – The Advantages

An online exam system has got numerous advantages:

  • Paperless Examination. 
    By no means you will have to print question papers for your candidates and circulate them. It saves paper hence saves trees.
  • Time Saving Mode.
    One can make such arrangements that an exam will auto-grade the candidates OMR Sheets on the spot i.e. instant. The system is completely automated. The time involved in the distribution of the question papers is no more necessary in this mode hence the said time is saved here.
  • Money Saver Mode.
    This mode is strictly said no to the use of paper, which implies paper cost is cut down to a large extent. All the questions are shared via the Internet, through your email address which is again free of cost. The Logistics cost is also drastically cut short. The students will not travel to the examination centers to take the test as is required in traditional systems, henceforth saving the cost at students end also. The renting cost for the examination centers has also reduced to an exceptionally low level. In short, this mode is more economical as compared to the traditional model.
  • Highly Secured.
    You can create a huge question bank consisting of lots of questions. Every examinee gets a random question from that particular question bank.

Online Exams: – The Disadvantages

As discussed above, the PROS of Online Mode Exams, hence looking to the other side of the coin the CONS of this mode.

  1. You will have to keep in mind that the examinees take the test on their personal devices, where there is no check on time with no invigilators. Therefore the system should be such that the answers to the questions asked are not easy to be retrieved from books or the questions asked should have time-bound questions so that there no room for the students to search for the answers.
  2. These days educations system has upgraded to such an extent that Open Book exams are also taken into consideration. But this system does not support auto-grade, hence the answer booklet needs to be evaluated by traditional technique.
  3. As evident, the online examination system is considered to be a little more vulnerable to fraud. Therefore the examiners need to keep it in mind while setting the question papers.

As the world is evolving with new ideas every next moment, the same is witnessed in our education system which is changing at the same pace. At last, I would conclude by saying that Online Examination System is considered to a very good alternative of Old Fashioned Paper Exams.