How to prepare for the GATE exam without coaching

You know, we being associated with the educational sector, are a firm believer that everyone can study at their home if they are disciplined. Ironically, we also know the fact that not everyone is disciplined. Funny, isn’t it!

Yet we would suggest practicing self-study when it comes to cracking and exam, being regular or competitive. That said, GATE is one such challenging and competitive entrance exam and is known to pave the way for success for many people. While most aspirants prefer taking up classes and coaching to prepare for the GATE exam, you can design and crack this “tough” exam without coaching. 

If you don’t believe our words, well, then you’ve got to read our current blog because we are going to give you some fantastic self-study tips that will be a panacea for your preparation. 

Let’s get started.




GATE examination is conducted online as a single paper. A total of 65 questions are asked, which tallies up to 100 marks, and the allotted time is 3 hours. It is a Multiple choice question-based paper and is divided into two parts:

Part 1- includes ten questions based on reasoning, general aptitude, and English communications.

Part 2- includes 55 questions based on Mathematics, Science-oriented, and domain-specific. 


This is the crucial step of all. You cannot miss knowing the exam pattern and syllabus as well. We mean, you need to know what to prepare before you start training. You can visit the official site and download or jot down each subject’s syllabus for the exam. Prepare each topic thoroughly. 


There is no rocket science; that why we have included this point in the self-study tips. This is a pro-tip that any of your seniors would even recommend blindly. The intent is flooded with lots and lots of previous years’ GATE exam question paper and offers various samples or mock tests. 

Try to incorporate these test samples each day, and it would turn out to be the best way to prepare yourself better. This gives additional benefits to manage time and understand the trend of paper. 


You know that books have complete information about any topic. Besides, reading any book can gift your brain a lot of knowledge. However, when it comes to competitive examinations, the choice of books and other resources matter a lot. It can make or break the deal, especially if you are preparing for the GATE exam without coaching.

It would be best to consult previous GATE achievers and do an online survey to make a list for the best books to prepare for the GATE exam. Always study from books and then make notes, rather than reading the notes borrowed from fellow.


Now that you have followed the tips mentioned above, you will require to make a time table for your preparation. Always start early and do not commit the mistake of waiting to release the sate of examination. 

As experts, we would advise you to start your preparation for the GATE examination when you make up your mind and collect the pre-requite resources. Early birds get the worms, remember?

Another advantage of starting early is that you do not get panic attacks and can revise your content as much you want to. Revision is a must for retaining the data, which is otherwise highly volatile. 

So prepare a schedule using daily, weekly, and monthly planners to track your study and performance.


Following your time table is even more important than making one. Often aspirants create a highly polished schedule and study plan, which becomes hard to follow. We would suggest you not to pack your days, instead study in breaks. A fancy timetable will fetch you nothing but will make you breach it and distract you.  

And while you plan to study, begin each topic from the primary or grass-root level. And thank us later for these words of wisdom.


GATE is highly competitive because of the vast syllabus and volatility of the subject topics. Therefore, to retain your information, you should pick your pen and paper and write at most that you can. This habit of writing and making notes while studying will benefit you in two excellent ways. Firstly, you will have note cards to revise quickly, and secondly, you will be able to retain better.  

Two birds, one arrow!

Besides, we would advise you to quiz yourself or practice questions as soon as you finish a topic. This will clear your doubts and firm your understanding of the subject. Make it a point that you do not skip or procrastinate the issues scheduled for the day until you understand them.


We do not want to sound repetitive, but this is honestly extremely vital. Skipping revision or delaying it for the last days of the exam will drag you back to the race’s starting point. Right from where you began and will make a cocktail of the topics. 

Failing to revise or a low revision schedule can prove fatal, and would not want to try this. Therefore, dedicate a couple of hours and include revision of topics on a daily and weekly basisIt is vital for cracking the GATE exam, even if you take coaching or not.


 We understand that you are a little more anxious than usual ass the examination days approach you. But it is essential to take rest and have six to eight hours of sound sleep before appearing for the exam. It is the buffer period for your brain to reset itself before it begins to exercises itself again. 


So now you the smart and challenging way to prepare for the GATE exam that too without coaching. Beware of your strategies and resources you choose to prepare for the competition. Try and practice daily mock tests and sample paper in your schedule and be ready for how to prepare for the GATE exam without coaching. We hope you take advice from Edvizo’s experts seriously and get a great rank.