How to Reduce Exam Anxiety

  1. Try to keep calm, relax, and keep your stress level low. You should know that anxiousness will not aid you but can worsen the situation.
  2. Be easy on yourself. It would help if you acknowledged that nobody is perfect and do your best possible in the exam.
  3. It would be best to prepare a timetable for revising the topics or subjects that you have learned.
  4. Make sure that you do not study at a stretch. It will make you fatigue and hence anxious. The best way of studying is to follow a schedule for short periods with regular breaks in between. Relaxation is a must; else, you will be too worked up.
  5. We can also give a pro tip to study– while you read chapters or topics for the first time; make sure you prepare short notes or flashcards alongside. This will help you to grasp the context of the subject at a glance and will help you save time. Besides, mark or highlight the text that you need to clarify or are doubtful about.
  6. We understand that the exam creates pressure on your mind; however, the motto is to relieve that pressure and not to add on. Therefore, always continue your recreational activities even during your exam days. Never abstain from cycling, jogging, aerobics, football, dancing, or even a walk. It will lighten your mind, and you can then focus better.
  7. Keeping up with the physical activities like a morning or an evening walk will help to gasp fresh air each day, and keep your grey cells ticking.
  8. You can also reward yourself with a favorite T.V. program or favorite food item if you achieve a milestone, no matter how small or big. This self-treat acts as a motivation and propels you to achieve more and more.
  9. While we advise focusing on studies, we also recommend focusing on your relaxation. Do not worry about your exams or pending work- just chill. It is the time to be enjoyed with friends or self, make sure you do it full-fledged. This will also keep you motivated.
  10. Take a proper and healthy diet – To be in the right frame of mind and pay attention, you cannot have a grumbling stomach. It is crucial to take all the three full meals every day and do not ever skip your breakfast, otherwise, it will make you restless and dull.
  11. Always include fresh fruits in your meals and drink plenty of water. You need to stay hydrated in order to focus well and let your body function well.
  12. Pay attention and be judicious to the time. If at all you are unable to focus on your studies, it is better to take a break for that while, relax a bit and then get back to the preparation for the exams.
  13. In addition, after you have studied, do not jump off to the bed directly. Instead, go out for a walk or relax for a reasonable time, so that you are not fatigued for the next day.
  14. The biggest mistake students do skip revisions or save it for the last moment. Do not commit this blunder; revise as regularly as you study. Keeping all the revisions for the last day might make your mind go blank and hence increase your exam anxiety.
  15. A day or two before the exams check and collect all the required essentials like stationery items, admit cards, calculators (if permissible). Yes! It is crucial too.
  16. On the day of your exam, get up early so you can do things at your own pace and avoid rushing or panicking.
  17. Before attempting to write the answers, make sure you read the entire question paper thoroughly. This will give you an estimation of how much time you should spend on each question.
  18. If you are unable to recollect or answer a question – DO NOT PANIC – otherwise, you might go blank. Instead, attempt other questions that you are confident about and later go back to the difficult ones. Often, you will be able to remember the answer.
  19. If you are stressed and panicky- do breathing exercises. It really helps! Slow down your breathing, and try to calm down.
  20. Lastly, but most importantly, do not discuss or crib after your exams. Pat- on-the-back for attempting all the questions. We are sure you did well!