In class 8th, I started giving tuitions to students to earn for my livelihood and relaxes my father’s burden little bit.

“You born as poor is not your fault but die remaining a poor is only your failure”. My Father used to tell me while I was studying in my High School. In my life I found Poverty one of the major curse (sounds different) but I realized. Being poor, in general, you are deprived of resources, social respect, support of yours people and many challenges in legacy. My Father started fighting against it and keep on motivating to uplift ourselves over it. He thought that I have potential and sharp brain to get out from that situation and anyhow managed to admit me in English medium school named “PLAYWAY ENGLISH SCHOOL” in class 6th located in Fatehpur. From here my journey of struggle against poverty began. Since we were not having enough resources, I was not having access to all books and sometimes writing material. Things get more worse when we found ourselves unable to pay fee. My Father sold some belongings of house and anyhow managed to carry on. When I saw struggles of my Father, I filled up with some sort of feelings and energy that constantly pulled me harder towards my goal and I kept on giving good results year by year. I had no proper place to stay in the city and kept on dwelling relative’s home one after another. To live in someone’s home, especially when you are poor, you have to manage a lot of things, even sometime I thought myself as their servant. I had no way so keep on trying one after other relatives and when things become so bad that it costed my studies, I moved to another one.

In class 8th, I took a room for me and started giving tuitions to students to earn for my livelihood and relaxes my father’s burden little bit. I asked one of my teacher to get me some suitable student who can pay more and luckily in class 9th I got a tuition which paid me 1500 rupees, that was sufficient and more than what I expected.

This way I carried on and in my board exam of ICSE CLASS XI scored 97% marks and topped in my district. This was a boost to myself and for my family. A ray of expectation was clearly visible and their hope on me got higher. They decided to work harder and motivated to become an IITian, which not a single student of our village and nearby villages had managed to crack. But problem was same without money how could I manage to study IIT coaching and in Fatehpur there was no coaching institute providing IIT-JEE coaching. I had only one way to believe in God and move ahead to Kanpur to seek help of school and coaching centers to teach me at lowest possible cost. I went through one center to another and found many reluctant people to provide coaching at manageable cost. Since I got good marks Mr. Divesh Dixit sir (Chemistry faculty at IIT KALRA SHUKLA) showed trust on me and gave a chance to study at IIT KALRA SHUKLA, one of best JEE coaching institute in Kanpur.

I was completely motivated and excited to start my JEE preparation and carried on. While preparing for JEE I found two things very important. One is motivating force and another is focus. Both are equally important because one starts you and other keep you on track. JEE is very tough when your focus gets distracted and become little bit easy when you just follow daily routine like regular studies, sleep, food, recreation and entertainment as well like playing outdoor games, watching some movies, etc. Keeping day to day record of progress makes it easier to handle the pressure. I was taught that if I keep my work as due it will make things get tougher. If I am doing a regular assignments and attending all classes, I definitely get a good results. In meantime, I managed to score well in U.P. Talent search examination (2016) which gave me 48,000 rupees scholarship for good performance. I performed well in-class tests and test series which was really motivating for me.

But life is not that much simple, one after other problems keep on coming to you like health problems, family issues, etc. I went through a number of diseases like chickenpox (made me suffer for around 3 weeks), typhoid, malaria, urinary tract infection and some minor one. These circumstances weaken my preparation and rhythm. I have seen many students falling under it so I personally suggest to take care of your health very well while preparing for JEE. But anyhow I tried to recover and scored 94% in CBSE CLASS XII and 14000 (approx.) rank in JEE MAIN. In JEE advance I got 20000 (approx.) rank, which opened the gate of NIT for me but not IIT. In meantime I also cracked NDA written examination and I was called for SSB interview to Mysore. I also got my name in TES SSB interview at ALLAHABAD. But I was only looking for my dream to become an IITian.

This was heartbreaking for me. I aimed for IIT and I could not compromise with my goal so I planned to go KOTA for JEE coaching. Again, poverty came in between and challenged me. I accepted and prayed to God for help. I went to Kota and started searching a person who can help me. I was trying hard but it was very difficult for me to find someone as many rejected and those agreed to give some concession it was higher than my capacity. After two or more weeks I got to know about Mr. Anurag Mishra (popularly known as AM sir) and met him. Looking at my academic performance he assures me to help. I haven’t seen such a kind-hearted person in my entire life. He paid for my admission fees in ALLEN and managed for my residence and flooding. I can never forget this act of kindness in my life and I’ll be always grateful to him. This way I got one more chance to make my dream come true. I tried hard and keep on following coaching‘s study material and teaching method. This is very important to strictly follow coaching’s test series and material. I found that only following coaching’s guidelines is sufficient and rest is icing on the cake.

Life again brought challenges when I was to give my JEE MAIN exam on January, my Grandfather passed away and I got down under severe grief. But accepting this challenge I moved on and scored 99.3 percentile in JEE MAIN. Now, I was eying on JEE ADVANCE completely. Facing some family issues and financial instability I gave JEE ADVANCED exam and this time I hit the bull’s eye. I got AIR 5446 in general and EWS 490 rank. My whole family celebrated this success and they all were very happy like never before. I never saw that happiness and environment before. My father had tears in his eyes and hugged me. I felt something very different at that moment which I can’t tell. I thanked Parampita Parmeshwar and all those who helped me throughout this journey. I got a seat in IIT BHUBANESHWAR in Electrical Engineering and entered my first step on memorable 22nd July 2019. I attempted LPUNEST exam and got selected for study grant of two lakh rupees (INR 2,00,000) for my good performance in the exam. Being an IITian I got an education loan easily and now I’m having well education, enjoying campus life, having some great experiences, holding positions of responsibilities & my family is also stress-free about my future.

Indeed, life is challenging but almighty has given everyone the power to face it & the only requirement is to identify it and move on.

So that’s all my story hope you will like and appreciate it. At the end, I would like to end with a famous quote of Mr. KT Witten – “Your dreams don’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.