It was a great experience, I learned to face rejection and still held my head high.

Marketing always amazed me. Due to my reading habits I developed an interest in marketing. I read some of the great books about marketing and how companies are using psychological research to gain customers that is why I decided to go for marketing in my MBA. After our 1st semester, we had a winter break and I didn’t want to waste it so, I started applying for marketing internship.

I came across Edvizo and I found its vision and the concept interesting. Its vision was to change Education system and I was able to relate to it completely. When I was preparing for my JEE I only knew a handful of institutes and I knew only about them because of their hefty marketing. There were some really great teachers were there whom I didn’t even knew about. When I got to know about them, I already paid fee to one of the big names in JEE coaching industry and you cannot get refund from them whatever you do. So, I was stuck with them. I didn’t want next generation to feel the same way and that is why I feel connected to their vision. Moreover, their mentors were Mr. H.C. Verma and if you haven’t heard his name then either you are not a JEE aspirant or you never were. This made me apply to this internship.

I applied, and I got my shortlist after which I have to write some answers to their question. After all this, personal interview took place for almost 45 minutes where I was asked everything about marketing and how to build any marketing plan for their start-up. After 3 rigorous rounds I got through and landed the internship. I was about to join them in December for 1 month.

Before the internship started, we had our first meeting where our manager briefed about the project and what all we had to do. Our work was to sell Edvizo Rise to all the coaching institutes. Now, I had a question at that point of time that how this, selling software’s help to achieve their vision and our manager told us that to sustain a start-up we need some kind of cashflow. With this cashflow they were planning to use this with organising NLCEE which ultimate aim was to provide education to children at really low cost. It was just 80/student, and the toppers were to give full scholarship to any institutes registered with us. Now, this was something I could get behind.

We started our internship on the next day and I was really excited. I went to Mukherjee Nagar which is a hub of coaching institutes. I entered 1st institute and really explained them the concept of IMS, they already had one and I wasn’t allowed to talk to their senior management members. It was quite a defeat but I went on to next same reaction and for the next 6 or 7 institutes, it was almost similar reaction, some of them already had it, some of them wanted to include videos in our product on which they can upload videos and charge students for these videos, some of them gave us visiting cards and some plainly said NO.

I understood that day that marketing is not as easy as it seems on paper but I didn’t give up. I went there next day again. Next day was quite better as people were more receptive this time and wanted to try our product for a week or 2 but we were not allowed to give them access for such long time.

It was getting disheartening and demotivating day by day until we made our first sale. It was easily one of the highest moment of the month. Me along with my fellow intern were able to make our first sale and it was exhilarating. After this, there was no nervousness with any of the institutions that we faced on the first day, it didn’t feel awkward at all, doing cold calling and going straight to a place we never heard of. It became natural for us.

All in all, it was a great experience. I learned to face rejection and still held my head high. Sometimes it happened that we weren’t even allowed to enter the premise. After sometime, it became usual thing for us and I think this is what life is about. You want to do something different, you start and the day you start, you have to face rejections, starting from your parents to the that one final client that you are going to convert until and unless you won’t give up.