Learnt so many things that I will carry forward in my life and which will be useful for me as a guide.

I had entered my 5th semester and the pressure of internships had started circulating. I was still unsure of which field to choose. After a series of discussions with my parents and friends, I decided to choose the marketing field. I had previous experience of working in this field as I was part of the placement group and also the department fest called ‘Waves’. I always had fun working for these groups and felt that maybe this could be my profession.

So I stumbled upon Edvizo in the internship portal and immediately googled about it and got to know so much. I connected instantly with the thought and initiatives of Edvizo. I decided to apply for it then.

The selection process was pretty simple. There were some questions given and we had to answer them elaborately. Some personal life experiences and learnings really helped me get through. Then I had a personal interview which also went on pretty well.

And a few days later I was told that I had been selected. They asked me for my preference of the workplace and I chose my home city, Hyderabad. I was really happy to intern at Hyderabad as my parents live there and I would be working from home. Also because I knew the city well, I thought the whole process would become so simple.

On December 5th, I started my journey. A lot of input was given by the team and we had to thoroughly go through the website and the brochures. Everything was self-explanatory. So we didn’t have to break our heads understanding it and which is why even the customers did not find any difficulty.

Now, coming to my work experience. I had the opportunity to work with Edvizo as a marketing intern. I have learned so much during my intern period. I was always very shy to speak to strangers and hence was low on confidence. But I took it up as a challenge and I see so much difference in myself today. I can communicate so much better and explain things in a more understandable way now. I also was not an outside kind of person but this internship made me come out of my comfort zone. I also realized that only when we come out in the real world and meet so many people that we understand life better.

The communications that I have had during my intern period will be the ones I will take with me for the rest of my life. The people I met during the course also were so amazing and I would like to mention here my project manager Mr. Ullas who was there with all us interns throughout. He is an extremely sincere hard working person who motivated me throughout my journey. When I was in my lowest, he helped me come out of it. And I would like to thank him for the support and for the amazing mentorship.

Also, I feel the entire team is so hardworking and prompt. They are here to truly help people out and make their lives easier. Many of the institutes I visited were so impressed by the idea of Edvizo and its objectives and ideas. One of the institutes I had visited liked the whole idea of Edvizo but wanted few more additions to the Edvizo Rise. So I informed the team about the need and they immediately went through the required inputs and obliged. The head of the institute was so happy with the promptness of the company.

I learned a lot of patience and different ways to deal with different kinds of people. I have learnt so many things that I will carry forward in my life and which will be useful for me as a guide to my carrier in the marketing field.

Finally, I would like to thank Edvizo for giving me this opportunity and being so supportive throughout my journey. I wish Edvizo and its team all the luck!