Mahak’s Experience in Edvizo

Edvizo is an education start-up that tries to re- concoct India’s educational institutions. The aim is to bring a platform that engages each kid to take the profession choices with grassroots level exploration, competitive examination instruments and experience that is customized for understudies from the second they stroll. So as to guarantee that an understudy doesn’t lament his choice in future, Edvizo settles on a vocation decision simpler for understudies. It lets you analyse organizations, their expenses and their reviews. In addition it has given the EMI service for paying fee in instalment, and other benefits in the educational field. I chose to complete my internship with Edvizo because it connects with the student in the new and imaginative manner.

Task(s) Assigned:

I had to write an article each day, find keywords and research about the topic. The prime focus was to make the article highly optimized so as to reach a large number of people. Before writing the article I had to do a thorough research about the topic that was assigned. Sometimes the topic was also selected by me. I had to do a proper survey regarding the headline used in the topic as it plays an important role, keeping in mind the SEO as prime focus. The main task was to find relevant keywords and add them to the article. Along with it I had to answer two questions on quora each day. The questions were supposed to be related to education, educational institutions and so forth. Occasionally I had to write minutes of meetings as well.

Challenges faced (in 50-200 words):

In the initial days of my internship the style of writing was a bit challenging for me, which later on became easy when I developed the style and pattern of the writing. There were some topics which were hard to write as there was very less information available about them. So it was difficult to get the detailed information about them to write effectively.

Self-Evaluation (in 50-100 words):

During my internship I was able to enhance my writing skills.It helped me gain confidence as I became aware of various topics relating to education which earlier I was afraid to speak about due to lack of information. I developed a style and a writing tone of my own which gave me a point to differentiate from others. Along with it I developed effective communication skills so as to build a bond with my readers.

Suggestions and Feedback (to Edvizo):

Edvizo is giving it’s best in accomplishing its vision and objectives. The whole group is so committed and are investing their best amounts of energy to develop. Something that I value the most is their one-on-one direction and backing. All the thoughts are invited here and they attempt their absolute best to actualize them. The opportunity of work they provide for their interns is obvious. Conveying forward reinventing the educational institutions and making it simpler for understudies to follow it is clearly going to make some significant contrasts in the lives of everybody.

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-Mahak Sharma

I was at the end of my 4th semester and was perusing the web to look for an encounter that would add to my resume, I found Internshala – an online internships jobs stage which gave me the ideal chance to work from home. I was keen on doing an internship in the field of content writing as I already had an experience in this field and to me content writers appear to have a fortunate life – they telecommute, make their own timetables and work so a lot or as meagre however they see fit.

So I began looking for an open door that would assist me with doing as such. I ran over a 2 months internship at Edvizo, an organisation whose idea seems to be a lot different than any other organisations I had come across. I read a little about the company and found its concepts interesting and instantly applied for it.

Not long after I applied, I got a notification of shortlisting and later I got a call from the company for a telephonic interview. He inquired as to whether I had any past understanding of working in the field of content writing since the company zeroed in on building up compatibility with students and parents, to which I answered in the agreed. I was then solicited to give a concise foundation from my insight into content writing. Next, he inquired me concerning the promoting parts of the content and my overall knowledge about SEO. He likewise enquired about my capabilities and how I anticipated overseeing time for the internship.  A day later after the conversation, they educated me that I was employed for the intern position.

On my first day, I learnt the basic goals of the organisation in the region and how the organisation created a place for itself. I was responsible for establishing a direct link with my writing with students and parents via an online platform as well as making the content optimized. Based on this theme, I wrote articles on topics such as ‘An Ultimate Guide to NEE’, ‘How to crack NDA’, ‘Courses to pursue after 12’, ‘How to crack JEE Mains’ and so forth. Along with this, I learnt the use of keywords to further disseminate the information on company objectives and establish a direct contact with the maximum audience.

Talking about my work experience, this internship helped me enhance my research and writing skills along with my patience management skills. The internship taught me at that point you should be set up to work persistently on a similar article again and again till you don’t immaculate it. Something essential that I learnt is the way you take analysis. You can let analysis stall you or you can gain from it and improve.

My mind set of welcoming criticism and improving through it has developed here. I feel more confident than ever as my knowledge has increased, I have searched about topics and written about them. The more educated I am about topics, the better I can speak with the crowd. The hesitation I felt before speaking has completely vanished because I have gained enough knowledge to respond correctly. I can now line words together flawlessly. Edvizo helped me identify and convey my own style, recognizable voice, tone, and uniqueness.

I certainly believe that Edvizo is giving it’s best in achieving its vision and goals. The entire team is so dedicated and are putting their best efforts to grow. Something that I appreciate the most is their one-on-one guidance and support. All the ideas are welcomed here and they try their very best to implement them. The freedom of work they give to their interns is appreciable. Carrying forward the idea of reinventing the education institutions and making it easier for students to comply with it is surely going to make some major differences in the lives of everyone.

Edvizo has left a great impact on my working style. I have learnt a lot of new things in my internship period which I will embrace throughout my life. Edvizo has definitely helped me bring out the best of me. I wish Edvizo and its entire team good luck in their future endeavours.