My family background was not that good that I can go to Kota for private coaching.

I did my 10th and 12th from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Ghazipur, UP. There is a programme named as Dakshina Programme for JNV students those who are in maths stream can give the entrance test of Dakshina after 10th. On the basis of merit, the few selected students are selected for foundation coaching for IIT JEE. But, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to clear the exam. So I stuck on there, and my family background was not that good that I can go to Kota for private coaching. So I decided to complete my 12th from there. I always wanted to be an engineer from my childhood. Because I always had an interested in how things are working in machines, as I always used to open toys and investigate what’s inside.

So after my 10th I fully concentrated myself on NCERT books firstly and then tried to solve IIT-JEE problems of last years which are available on the few books which are available on our library, from there I found that, I can do this. Still, I was not able to solve the hard problems, so I usually used to leave them. But I memorised the whole NCERT Chemistry book of class 11th and 12th conceptually so I was bit confident that on the basis of this subject I can clear the mains, so I filled the Mains form, and after my board exams, I appeared for the Mains exam. When I saw that I had cleared the mains, I was very happy, but the marks were not too good, but I appeared for Advanced, and I didn’t clear that. My board results were not too good, and I got only 80.20%, getting 97/100 in Chemistry, 89/100 in Physics and 60/100 in Maths. From these results, I analysed that my chemistry and physics Is good, but I still have to work on my maths to clear the Advance cutoff and get good marks.

There is an NGO named GAIL SUPER 100 in Kanpur, which came to every nearby Navodayas to select the students from 12th and they used to give free coaching for IIT JEE AND free hostel facilities too. But they have a very tough level of paper of PCM and two levels of interviews to select the students. As they only have to select 100 students from whole Uttar Pradesh, it was looking difficult for me to get into it, but fortunately I cleared the exam, and my interview went very well, as I have answered all the questions of physics and chemistry correctly, but my maths didn’t go well. But I still cleared both the stages of the interview and I got admission into it. I was very happy about it, so after that.

So, when I went there I met different students from MP, UP and few other states, there were very good students there, they usually used to answer very quickly than me, but still I didn’t lose the hope, and I studied there for one month, and after that, I was shifted to CONCOR SUPER 30, Varanasi which is an another centre run by the CSRL. But here the teachers are not too good, but I didn’t stop my studies, and I used to study on my own by the materials provided by them and the weekly test series which is conducted by the CSRL in all of its 10 centres all over India, and on the basis of this our ranks and numbers were used to be shown to us which was very useful for me to access my chapter wise concepts and knowledge about that particular chapter, so these test series was very helpful for me in my whole coaching period of 1 year.

As the coaching was a 4-storey building with classes and hostel facilities in it, we all are not allowed to keep smartphones or any kind of entertainment or communication devices. In the starting, it was frustrating, but after some time it was ok for me. But we used to face a lot of restrictions there, and we were only allowed to go once outside for our needs and any other activities, we are not allowed to sleep more than 1 hour in the whole day. We used to wake up at 7 am goes to bed at 1 am, in between all the time we have to attend 2 hours’ classes of each subject each day. I usually used to get frustrated because of the restrictions imposed by them, but still, I managed to survive there, as I used to remind of those days I think those are one of the hardest days of my life till now.

I had applied for many engineering exams and other regional exams along with JEE MAINS but on the day of my JEE EXAM I was not feeling good and when I went to the exam centre 2 hours before the exam, as they had said I was really not in mode to give the exam, but I had prepared for the whole year for this exam so I gave the exam, but I was shocked after seeing my marks which was checked by matching my OMR copy with the different good coaching institutes, my marks were really bad in mains after the result showed up, but I had managed to cleared the cutoff and got 4242 category rank in mains, so after that I gave up my Advanced Exam preparations, because I thought that what I can do in Advanced even I am not able to score good in Mains. So, I started preparing for the regional college exams and when the Advance was coming I revised all the subjects theoretically once and I appeared for the JEE ADVANCED exam with free mind, my strategy was to clear the individual cutoffs of all the subjects firstly then attempting more questions of the subject which I have good knowledge and on the basis of this I finished my advanced exams in very relaxed mood, I was not happy because I was regretting for not continuing to study for the Advanced syllabus, because I had seen many familiar questions on that day which I was not able to question, but I had really performed really well in my regional exams, as I had got 12th category rank in BHU BSC Maths, 13th category rank in MMM Gorakhpur Engineering Entrance Exam.

But after my Advanced results, I got 1877 category rank in SC category, which was approximately closing rank to get into any IIT. Luckily after my counselling, I got Mining Engineering at IIT BHU, I was happy, but not very happy because I had missed a chance to get into a better branch because of my mistakes. But right now I am in my 3rd year, I enjoy here, and I am still happy, because once someone had said that “you should be happy for what you have got because there are other few those who didn’t get what you have”. And I am enjoying my life here at IIT BHU VARANASI.