The RTO Inspector Exam requires an excellent study strategy that allows you to practice the exam subjects and how you need to study for the RTO Inspector Exam. You need to prepare a comprehensive list of RTO Inspector Exam Books to provide you the right content and cover the entire syllabus. It will not be a best practice to use shorthand notes from your friend to build your concepts. You must also practice previous years’ question paper and model papers that will provide hundreds of questions and answers for the topics that will likely be covered on your upcoming exam. These areas include understanding the documents as well.

#1. RTO INSPECTOR EXAM- List of Best Books –

Books Name of Subject books Author/ Publications
Book 1 Ongoing Developments Ongoing developments include issues related to State, national, international, environmental Science, and technology. Morning Year Book 2017
Book 2 Magazines – Competitive Exams, Earth Rotation (January-April 2020 Issue)
Book 3 Social and Industrial Reforms  -Read-only topics related to industrial and infrastructure sector Desai Bhalerao
Book 4 Social and Industrial Reforms  –  English) Read-only industrial related topics Dutt and Sundaram
Book 5 General Science 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Science Lucent (from English)
Book 6 General History of India (with particular reference to State) –  5th, 8th, 11th History School Books
Book 7 History of State –  Anil Kathare
Book 8 History of Maharashtra – Gathal
Book 9 General Geography of India (with particular reference to State 4th, 5th, Geography
Book 10 Geography of India – Topics related to India and State in Savadi 9th, 10th Geography
Book 11 Atlas with map practice Savadi, Navneet, Oxford
Book 12 Civics 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th,9th, 10th, and 12th M. Laaxmikant
Book 13 Intelligence Test Modern Approach to Verbal and nonverbal reasoning – R S Agrawal
Book 14 Logical Reasoning –  Lucent
Book 15 Latest trends and technological development in the field of mechanical and automobile engineering –

 #2. What are the tips to crack the RTO INSPECTOR EXAM?

  • Time Table: Always make and follow a timetable that suits you the best and is practically feasible.
  • Early Start: It is advised that you start your exam preparation well ahead of time rather than wait for months to pass and the exam date to come near. Study each day as per your daily schedule, and you will cover all the required topics of the syllabus seamlessly.
  • Thorough Preparation: You should practice and have an excellent command of the subjects of basic engineering. Try to memorize all the formulas by writing them down before the examination.
  • Practice Papers: It is essential to study the syllabus for the test, but it is equally crucial to attend various mock tests, solve the previous year’s question paper of the exam, and practice sample or model test papers. There are enormous benefits of including this in your routine. This will boost your confidence level and help you manage your time and speed while appearing for the paper.
  • If you have the desire to grab Regional Transport Officer Inspector Job, you should start preparation from Best RTO Inspector Preparation Books 2020
  • Try to solve RTO Inspector examination sample papers as much you can.
  • Candidates who applied for Regional Transport Officer Inspector Recruitment 2020 and now preparing for the RTO exam 2020 Exam to crack it must go follow these tips. If you start your RTO Inspector preparation according to these tips, you will get success in scoring the highest marks in the examination.
  • Choose the best RTO Inspector Exam Preparation Books to Study for the Regional Transport Officer Inspector
  • Practice RTO Inspector Previous year questions and sample paper to test your preparation.
  • Read newspapers, magazines, or Current Affairs routinely and regularly to get the latest updates.
  • Stay focused and hydrated while studying.
  • Prepare a timetable to manage your time well.
  • Try to Prepare with Short Notes that will help you to revise quickly for final preparation.
  • Don’t forget to revise from RTO Inspector Books and prepared notes or flashcards before the exam.
  • Take proper sleep before appearing for the Regional Transport Officer Inspector examination
  • The thorny topic first, easy topic later: While preparing, many students tend to finish off the syllabus by completing the easy issues first. We do not buy this method of training. It is always advisable to study and learn complicated or longer topics first and then the easy ones.
  • It is because the complicated topics require time to understand and absorb, and you can devote ample time to the revision if studied early. Procrastinating such issues will make you panic in the end. Try to focus more on mainstream subjects like general knowledge for the region and other transport-related topics.

#3. Final words –

The Regional Transport Officer Inspector exam paper is intricately designed to analyze the potential aspirants’ capabilities and sheer understanding. They aim to work and associate themselves with a government job. In addition, we would want to highlight the main aspects covered in the transport domains. So, one must understand the practices, policies, and principles of the Regional Transport Officer Inspector exam’s nature.

For the Regional Transport Officer Inspector examination, we have collated the best books that will help you prepare for the exam. EDVIZO wishes the aspirants all the best for preparing for the Regional Transport Officer Inspector exam.