Strategize your CA Final Preparations

So here you are! If you are reading this article, then, of course, you have pulled off something really big in your life. Congratulations on another big achievement. So you have reached the last stage of this prestigious course i.e. CA Final. Enumerating below few tips from Experts and All India Rankers (AIR) to aid you with your preparations.

 So, what are the prerequisites for a candidate pursuing CA Final Course?

We want that our students should comprehend the expectations & the intensity of this course and channelize their efforts accordingly and start with their preparation well in advance to earn the dignified prefix for their name.

Before preparation of a schedule for your studies for CA Final below mentioned few assumptions are made:-

  • You are on leave for your studies for a minimum period of 21 weeks.
  • You have strong theory concepts & a steady grip on your basics.
  • Determined to devote a minimum of 12 hours every day to your studies.
  • You are appearing for both groups in this attempt.

Therefore, with the assumption of a minimum of 12 hours for 30 days for 5 months, you have a total of 1800 hours out of 3600 hours which is exactly 50% of your total time of coming 5 months.

Thus, 100% of your concentration and 50% of your time becomes the perfect composition for you to crack this tough nut with ease! All you need in addition to this is a perfect schedule plan for the forthcoming days.

Preparation Chart for CA Final:- 


 (for a month)


(for a month)

1ST MONTH 7 hours (daily) 7*30 = 210 hours 3 hours (daily) 3*30 = 90 hours
2ND MONTH 6 hours (daily) 6*30 = 180 hours 5 hours (daily)          5*30 = 150 hours
3RD MONTH 3 hours (daily) 3*30 = 90 hours 9 hours (daily)   9*30 = 270 hours
4TH MONTH 3 hours (daily) 3*30 = 90 hours 9 hours (daily)   9*30 = 270 hours
5TH MONTH 2 hours (daily) 2*30 = 60 hours 9 hours (daily)   9*30 = 270 hours


Practicing your practical problems & preparing notes of the theoretical part at the same time will help you to cover up the major portion of your entire syllabus.

The 1st & the 2nd month:- one should devote more time in preparation of notes for the theoretical portion of the syllabus and in addition to that few hours for the practical subjects namely FR, SFM, Costing.

 The 3rd & 4th month:-  switch your study schedule by devoting more time to the practical subjects and only the revision of the notes so prepared during the last 2 months for the theoretical subjects.

The 5th month:-  for the last month’s preparation, the focus should be completely on the revision of the notes, solving the mock test papers and the RTPs, going through the case studies and the guidance notes issued by the Institute.

Furthermore, we will talk about various subjects for CA Final, the marks distribution, and the tactics to deal with the particular subject.