Strategize your IPCC Examination

IPCC stands for Integrated Professional Competence Course which is the second level exam in the CA program. Getting through the same is not an easy task; the CA course is quite demanding and can be Grueling at times, in short, it is not a course for faint-hearted people. One has to put everything into it, get into the zone, and crack the exams.

So here we would be discussing with you some of the Renowned Teachers, Experts, and All India Rankers tips and guidance to help you to sail through and pass with flying colors

Set up a Schedule (Time – Table):-

Before hitting the books, one needs to plan for a minimum of 4 months period for your IPCC Exams. Comprehensively map out your task of what is to be done, when is to be done, how it is to be done. Until and unless you have a genuine plan you won’t be able to move your studies in the right direction.

Your first step will be to decide the resources (books) to be referred to for conceptual clarity of the subject and then prioritize your subjects to be completed first so on and so forth. Also, keep in mind while setting your Time Table to keep one day for revision of the topics covered in that week. Keep last month for solving the mock test papers and past attempts question papers.

Never put off your Program

Procrastination of time table is one of the most terrible practices that many people have. Designing a dedicated success driving schedule is a pretty simple task but what is not easy is the execution part. Therefore a genuine and realistic timetable is a must as planning and execution when both put together can only help students in attaining their goals.

Keep yourself away from Mobile Phone

The sphere of Social Media is the biggest catastrophe for your studies. To concentrate well on studies, one will have to switch off their mobile phones and keep yourself away from all the social media trap.

Put Off your TV as well

Initially, it might be a little difficult for anyone to dodge their mind to stay away from Televisions and Electronic gadgets but slow and continuous practice will take you miles and you won’t waste even a single moment on such distractions.

Wake up Early

Early in the morning is generally considered the best time to cover the maximum portion of your theory part, but many students have a preference for night study, so obvious that this point is not for them. A human brain is fresh and super active in the morning so cramming and retention power is maximum at this point in time. To adapt to the early morning rising up routine and study hard.

Don’t Neglect Revisions

Revising your lesson is a must thing, the most critical part of the study. The designing of your time table must also consider a timely revision of the lessons covered by you. Performing well in examination depends on the number of revisions you do, a minimum of 4-5 times of revision is a must. Multiple revision helps you to bring down the pointless topics and rectify your mistakes.