Study Tips for UPSC CAPF 2020 Exam

So it is finally the UPSC exam time! Are you preparing for the exams? Come, read and give yourself a great chance with our five study tips, and do not let the stress take a toll on you!

CAUTION: Remember, you can do this!

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1. Start Revision in advance

This point is applicable while preparing for the exam and while appearing for the exam as well. It is crucial to start your revision early because you cannot eat up your books and syllabus in one night’s time. Therefore, do not ever leave the preparation for the last minute. Many students tend to cram at the last minute, which is undoubtedly a lousy study strategy for the exam. Always prepare a timetable for your exam preparation and manage your time well. Your study schedule should be easy to adhere to and follow up. Therefore, organize your study planner accordingly and feel confident in preparing for the exam.

2. Organize timetable and space

Make sure your study space is well oriented and does not include any distractions. Also, ensure enough space to keep your textbooks and notes well in front of your eyes.

Another thing, are you mindful of the lighting in the room? Did you take notice if your uncomfortable chair makes it difficult for you to sit for preparation? In addition, most importantly, keep your bed and phone away, no no- superrr away from your study area.

All distractions should be out of sight!

Only then will you be able to focus well on your studies. Besides all these pointers, ensure complete silence, neatness, and comfort in your study room. Do not let your younger sibling play their cartoon channels in the next room to avoid all the background noise.

3. Practice previous year’s question paper

Well, this is the trump card to excel in any exam. If you practice old question papers or look at those, it will effectively augment your exam preparation. This will explain what sort of questions are asked and the essential concepts in the syllabus.

It is always a good practice to practice the papers from a time management perspective as well. It is the secret tactic of all toppers that we just unveiled.

Therefore, it would be best to collect question papers and see what section deserves how much time.

4. Perform recreational activities

We understand that many students are okay with sitting for hours to prepare for the exam, but honestly, it isn’t the best practice. Not only do you adversely impact your health, but they also reduce the study focus and learnability.

Instead, the right approach that is recommended by many doctors is to take regular 15 minutes to break after a 45 minutes study session. It refreshes your brain cells to work efficiently. You cannot believe in remembering or understand your concepts well with an exhausted brain.

5. Short notes, flashcards, flowcharts

Being an educational advisor, Edvizo always advises to study from good standard textbooks and make notes or flashcards alongside.  You may include flowcharts and diagrams in it because it will be an excellent revision aid. These will save you time while going through the learned topics again and emboss your mind. Visual aids are the best to recollect a point.

Briefly outline each chapter’s idea in a single sheet, use highlighters to highlight important points, underline or re-write crucial things. You may also use your own opinion that works the best for you to enhance revision.

These were some of our best tips; they work out the magic in the exam times. Make sure you give 100% in all the exams, and not just the subject you like. Try our tips out, and thank us later!