The Right Way of Teaching!

In today’s time, there is a huge demand for home tuitions or personal tuitions for a student by their guardians. What could be the reason behind this? Well, generally there is a concern in parents regarding the method of studying in schools and colleges. Now the days, it has become quite a common concern in parents that the teachers in schools and colleges are not following the effective techniques to teach students as from teachers point of view there is a vast number of students in a particular class but knowledge is only effective when provided correctly. Because of this, there is an excellent demand for tuition tuitions or personal classes.

So, the question is there really a right way to teach? And the answer is not really! There is generally not a right or a wrong way, but there is an effective or ineffective way of teaching. When teaching is done with the concern of students’ performance, by giving proper attention and noticing the performance, engagement, and learning of students, it can lead to an effective way of teaching.

Following techniques that can help to develop an effective way of teaching

Managing student-teacher relationship

One of the most important factors to consider is the relationship between student and teacher. A teacher needs to understand the students’ behavior, their views, and ways of learning with their potential. Teaching Is not only about being strict with the student but it is more about engaging with them. Like in some subjects when students do some practical test or build some models to apply theories to real life, the same is required with teachers and students relationship it leads to building a more real connection between them which can help students to make their learning interesting and relevant. For a teacher, it is necessary to understand the students.


The art of teaching is about finding the right way to get to the point of finding the right path for effective learning. Effective teaching is about having a proper plan and purpose, it is about knowing what student needs and how it can be achieved

By making a proper plan for the day of the week based on the classes and notes provided to the students, the outcomes of results can be beneficial for both teachers at the student. Providing notes before each session can be very effective and helping students to better understand the topic.

Know the subject

A teacher should have a piece of deep knowledge about the particular subject they are teaching, as the student mind is very curious which can have lots of questions that can be correct or incorrect, some can be direct or indirect, some may make sense awesome does not, but as it is said, no question is a stupid question, and a teacher must be in such a position to answer each and every one of them. If there is any fall or uncertainty that comes in a teacher’s mind, that can affect the students learning. So, having a better understanding of the subject could be very effective for an effective teaching