This experience has changed my career ambitions, shaped me into a much stronger individual.

I enjoyed studying at NIT Raipur, but I always thought it was greatly important to work in a live, fast-paced environment. I am good at academics, with good grades at university but I did not have a lot of experience working in an office environment, in fact, I had very little indeed. Placements allow you to find out your strengths and weaknesses in a high pressured environment, juggle multiple important tasks at once, and delivering them to a high standard, working with people who have different working methods to your own, handling the unexpected… all things you have been exposed to in some capacity at university, but in business there is no/very little margin for error, making it that all more exciting but terrifying at the same time!

University can only take you so far into understanding the business world but it is not until you are thrown in the deep end that you realize just what the business world is about and what it is really like.

I am very thankful to Edvizo for hiring me and making me work in that atmosphere where it’s very difficult to survive which is Delhi.

Within a short amount of time, I was given real responsibility, meaty projects where I reported directly to my manager and no other, managing contracts and even representing my team when we meet any coaching institutes. The Idea behind Edvizo is very unique and is commendable. The work they are doing for the students is remarkable. India needs more platforms like Edvizo to develop constantly.

Alongside this, you are treated as a valued member of the team by all, not just an intern who is there for one year and that’s it. If you think something can be done differently, you are given freedom to do it, if you think a file could be a lot simpler, you can do it no questions asked. This experience has changed my career ambitions, shaped me into a much stronger individual. I will be returning into my final year a much stronger and knowledgeable individual, and it is all down to Edvizo.

My project mentor was ready to help me anytime. They are really altruistic. They were so helpful with my CV and cover letter, giving me great advice on things I could improve and add-in and turning them into a much stronger, more rounded application. I will never forget when I got the call to say I got the placement. He wished me all the best and congratulations.

I think that sums up the whole ethos at Edvizo and my experience with them: supportive (any questions you have the answer; any concerns you have they resolve) kind (you really feel they are with you every step of the way). If you can, try and get your placement through Edvizo – I am certain they will not let you down.

Looking for placement is one of the hardest things you will do during education. It is so competitive, feeling more competitive than actual job searches at times! You will get so many knockbacks and rejections (unless you are really lucky) and it will test you in ways you have never been tested before – you will question your strength as a candidate, whether you will indeed ever get a placement. But you HAVE to keep going, keep moving forward. Take the feedback you receive from companies who have rejected you on board and work on it and remember it is not personal. Companies don’t reject you because they do not like you or you are not good enough, you are just not right for that company.