Three Goody-good Habits

Good habits are a great asset one can possess! It takes sincere efforts to choose. build and swell on a habit and without self-discipline, you cannot shoot for it.

Here is a list of goody-good things you should be mindful of anytime and any day!


Eat healthily

“Healthy does NOT mean starving yourself EVER. Healthy means eating the right food in the right amount”. – Karen Salmansohn

The quote truly states the meaning of eating healthy. Our body needs to be taken good care and only we can do this for ourselves. You can exercise day and night but still not get any result in return because only exercising is not enough to have a fit body. You need to Focus on what you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat.

Eat Vegetables and fruits which are rich in nutrients, we are always told to eat green vegetables because they are the richest source of healthy nutrients and essential vitamins and amino acids in our body. Eating anything in access is not good, but this does not mean you should not eat. Eat-in portions, if you think you need to lose weight then make a diet plan, add healthy vegetables and fruits to your plan, and keep on eating in portions. It doesn’t matter if you want to eat thrice a day or four times a day just make sure it is healthy and is the inadequate amount.

Change your workout routine

Working out with the same exercises every day can get a little boring, you need to keep variations in your exercises in order to avoid this boredom. Keep exercising but you can plan then according to days, like for Monday you should focus on your cardio and side exercises, then on Tuesday, you should focus on abdominal exercises and so on. This can help in creating an effective plan for exercising and would help in giving positive results. Keep your same workout days but just change what kinds of workouts you do during those days.

If you find it difficult to make a workout routine then you can find it online or can also find it on YouTube, there are thousands of videos for a daily workout to weekly workouts. From HIIT training to beginner training.

Do some self-care

How can self-care be related to staying fit? Well, most would think this has to do with your physical health, which, yes, will benefit you in that aspect. But the main reason is that self-care helps to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and we can’t forget about how healthy relationships positively affect your health.

Get more sleep, sleeping is very important for our body to function properly, you at least need 8hours of sleep on regular basis. So make sure you get it enough on time.

Read some books or write a diary. Share your thoughts with someone close to you or you can just write them in a diary for yourself.

Find ways to ease your stress, listen to good music, go for a walk with your friend, get close to nature by planning a trip to the mountains or anywhere you wish to go in order to be happily satisfied with your life.

Never forget, you only got one life and one body. So live it to the fullest and exercise to feel the best version of yourselves.