Tips to crack NEET 2021

Are you wondering how to crack NEET 2021 in the first attempt?

Is preparing a timetable sufficient?

Well, we will answer your queries!

The exam season is about to kick-start again. Therefore, it is better to prepare for your examination beforehand, for which you need not flutter through tips and tricks for the exam.

Edvizo has written a masterpiece that will give you crucial tips to crack your exam on the first attempt.  At Edvizo, we understand that a goal-oriented study plan will keep you focused and motivated on the long journey of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test- NEET 2021. This will also keep you adhered to your strategy and make you excel in your concepts.

1. Devise a Planner –

It would be best to devise a monthly plan along with a weekly milestone for every subject. In fact, we would also suggest that your monthly planner should include a daily target that will steadily help you achieve your goal each week.

After all drop by drop makes an ocean!

Make sure your planner is practically possible to accomplish because it will act as a propelling force. Diligent following along with suitable efforts will make you reap benefits in the NEET-UG 2021 exam. You need to make sincerity and self-discipline your key attributes because distraction is not an option!

2. Strategize a Time table –

Edvizo is an experienced forum and knows the tiny bits that students often overlook; making a timetable is one of them. It will help you to plan your preparation as per subjects and more closely as per topics. Edvizo would advise never to skip any topic and follow your timetable very religiously.

It will allow you to manage your time and revise the read or complete chapters several times before appearing for the competitive medical exam. Now you know what the secret guru mantra for clearing NEET in the first go is!

This brings us to the next point, which closely resonates with this- time management.

3. Time Management –

Losing track of time is the biggest mistake that any, and sadly most of the students do. No matter how meticulous or studious you are, if you fail to start at the right time, you might not finish at the right time, pals!

Be mindful of your decisions, and play your cards well in time. All you have to do is prioritize your essential tasks like selecting a coaching institute, study plan, school assignment, etc. with adequate time breaks in between them.

We also want to raise the curtain from the truth that cracking the medical entrance test is no cakewalk, so finishing the entire syllabus, in short, is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. You can’t consume large chunks of the syllabus, but only small bits.

Hard work is good, but smart work is better!

4. Study Material –

This accounts for the most important tips for cracking the NEET 2021 exam. You may have the best study plan or timetable handy with you, but if you do not use the right source of information, including classic books, multiple-choice based questions, mock tests, etc., you might fumble down the line.

Therefore, obtain the right study material for the NEET exam, and do not, simply DO NOT rely on the shorthand notes of your seniors or friends. Amid this, kindly do not neglect your 11 and 12 NCERT books. They are super too.

5. Comprehensive Study –

It would help if you tried to make shorthand notes or flashcards of each topic that is being covered to revise it quickly. This will be beneficial for a glance and will save you time. Since the NCERT books cover many of the NEET 2021 exam syllabi, applicants must ensure that you are familiar with all the topics of NCERT from start to end.

Make the right use of guides, reference books, and other study material.

6. Watch your performance –

Evaluation of your performance is equally important in preparing for the exam. The mid-term or monthly evaluation will scrutinize your daily performance and give a clear picture of where you stand.

Retention of concepts is the biggest challenge, for which the only way out is to revise the topic more frequently.  You may keep track of your doubts and obtain a clear understanding of each issue, and then there is nothing that can stop you from coming on top of the exam.

7. Mock test papers –

Solving mock test papers is like that one arrow that kills two birds!

It will give an exam day’s experience and environment. You will learn about the type of questions, and manage time in the exam will become easier.

Through mock tests, you will subject yourself to the same pressure as in the actual exam to complete the stipulated time sections.

So make no excuses, and solve mock tests paper.

8. Solve Previous year’s question paper –

It is equally crucial to practice last years’ question papers of the NEET exam. Aspirants need to aim to crack the NEET-UG 2021 exam in the first attempt. Previous years’ NEET question papers will help you attain a level of understanding about the exam and the main topics as well.

9. Pay heed to incorrect answers –

It is essential to revise incorrectly answered questions in each mock test or previous years’ question paper. It would be helpful to note wrong attempts, keywords that confuse you, and start working on those weak areas. Make sure you do not commit the same mistakes. This will increase your proficiency in NEET 2021 exam.

Self-motivation is the prerequisite to start the study for the nation’s most prominent medical entrance exam- NEET. Devote adequate time to each section regardless of the fondness for a specific subject- Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. We understand there will be specific difficult topics or subjects; however, it is necessary to master those topics with due practice and develop a clear understanding of basic concepts. Then the NEET 2021 exam can be triumphed upon.

Do not mug up the concepts!

Edvizo wishes all the aspirants of the NEET 2021 medical exam very good luck!