What About the Class XI Exams Dear?

There is a lot of buzz about the CBSE board exams for classes X and XII in the ed-town! But, have you forgotten the transition state between the two? Well, we haven’t. The rate-limiting step in almost every child’s education reaction is the CLASS XI.

Read to find the latest updates for the class XI exams.

CBSE suggests offline recap sessions to bridge the learning gap for class IX, XI

Even as the CBSE has recommended the new academic session to begin from April 1, it has instructed the schools to identify and resolve the learning gaps before conducting class IX and XI exams.

The aim is to update the knowledge of the students long used to online classes and not compromise on their academic interests.

Online classes owing to the Covid-induced lockdown had created learning gaps among the students. With most state governments reopening schools for classes IX-XII, now is the time for schools to start in-person classes to clarify the doubts and concepts. With Covid protocols firmly in place, the schools are equipped to conduct offline exams for classes IX and XI as per the state government and CBSE guidelines.

Class XI students question the need for offline exams

The offline examination for classes IX and XI is turning out to be a headache for schools as students protest against the move.

They questioned the need to appear for an offline exam in March as they already sat for online tests. The school said appearing for the offline exam is optional, but also stated that the exam will have 50:50 weightage —from the online and offline exam. So how can that be a matter of choice?

Parents question the need to mandate offline exams. The schools cite the CBSE order and say they cannot do anything about it. It made no sense at all when CBSE released a mail, stating, “In view of your concern, please note that CBSE conducts examinations for classes X and XII for students of affiliated schools. Class IX and XI examinations are not conducted by CBSE, not supervised by CBSE. Please take up the issue with the state/Union territory government where the school is situated.”

Covid-19 disrupted the normal school system and all this is just one phase of the repercussions