Working in a start-up was quite different than working in a well established firm, here you are free to take your own decisions.

That was third year of my IMBA course. I was looking for a good internship, since I had done my first internship in a very popular pioneer steel manufacturing company, thus I was looking for an internship in a startup. By doing one internship in a well established multi national company I already had the experience of pure corporate environment and how things work in an MNC, so this time I decided to go for a start-up. I was eager to gain glimpse of how a company start working when they have nothing, I want to observe making of a company from base so, after I completed my semester exams, I began applying to internships at various start-ups. While I was on the lookout for internships, I came to know about Internshala through my friends and applied to a few internships available on the platform.

I got shortlisted by a couple of companies, then, I received an e-mail from Edvizo, that set up a telephonic interview with Mr. Nihal, the HR head of Edvizo. At the scheduled time, Mr. Nihal called me and asked me to give a brief self-introduction. He then explained what my tasks would be if I got hired and inquired about my skills, family background, interests and why I did apply for this internship. Apart from that we discussed about working hour, stipend and other incentives that I will receive at end of my internship.

Soon I received an email informing me that I was selected for the internship by Edvizo, as Operations intern and soon there will be an online interactive session with all other interns in which they are going to provide us induction and training. At the schedule time there was a video conference on Google Hangout in which they explained about what we are supposed to do in our upcoming internship. Edvizo Media Pvt. Ltd is a company that provides modern solution to the traditional problem for a student that i how to get information regarding institutes for coaching. Edvizo creates a portal that provide student the information they are looking for to join any institute, and for institute the company provide them Institute Management System to manage they day to day activities as well as keeping records and managing faculties.

My duty as an intern there was to meet Institute owners of various pre collaborated institutes and to create and update their profile on website. Along with also to create a databaseof students enrolled in various institutes. In process of doing so, I had to meet various Institute owners and I had to explain them policies of our company and also the benefits they will get as they will join with us. June 11, was the first day of my internship, I was pretty excited to work with that company as first time I had an opportunity to work in my hometown. That day I met with my project Guide Mr. Devanshu, and other interns. They were Kamran and Aayush. That day Mr. Devanshu gave us various areas in Patna in which we had to visit the institutes. I was appointed in areas of Nala Road, Rajendra Nagar, Bazaar Samiti, Bhikhna pahadi and some part of Kankarbagh. First day was quite easy, Mr. Devanshu just explained what I had to do and how to do, after that I was free to leave. But next few days were not so easy, the temperature of city was high like anything, and in that weather we had to visit various areas. Nevertheless the efforts were not going waste, in next 2-3 days I was successful to take appointment in more than 10 institute in coming week. But the real work had just started, after meeting with Institute owners and updating their profiles, the major hectic work was to complete the enorllment process of students, that was a real big work to do, but soon I did adapted whole process and the work was going very smoothly. In the whole 1 monthI was able to update 8 institutes profile and had enrolled more than 225 students during my internship.

After finishing my internship, I was supposed to prepare a report and mail the same to the Company’s headquarte, so I did the same and that’s how my internship got ended Working in a start-up was quite different than working in a well established firm, here you are free to take your own decisions.